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At Bello Barber, owner and Master Barber James Bello brings a old school barbershop feel to a studio space. James Bello has been cutting hair since the age of 14 when he was taught by his mother. At Bello Barber,  James will do his best to make you feel that you get the best possible hair cut and experience. For the Studio is a one man shop so James can really focus on you and your hair style.

About James Bello, Bello Barber, New York, New York

My name is James Bello. I am a left handed barber working in Manhattan NY. I work at and own Bello Barber on 34th street in between 2nd and 3rd avenue. Around the age of 14, I learned how to cut hair from my mother who is a hair stylist. She would cut my dad and brothers’ hair every 2 weeks and it gave me the opportunity to learn different scissor techniques and how to use clippers. From there, I took over the role of cutting my family members’ hair. To me, I always saw cutting hair as a hobby and I enjoyed it. It really became a passion to me when I decided to attend ABI Barber School in Tribeca. I obtained my license as a Master Barber and have been professionally cutting hair for the past 5 years.

We provide ClipperHaircuts, shaves, and scissor haircuts in New York, New York


Haircut with scissor or clippers
30 minutes $40

Buzz cut

All clipper cut
20 minutes $25

Haircut and beard trim

Haircut with scissor or clippers with shampoo wash and blow dry and styled Also clean up the beard for a extra $10
35 minutes $50

Beard trim

15 minutes $15

Neck cleaning

5 minutes $10

Haircut and shampoo

Haircut with scissors or clippers with a shampoo wash before or after cut
35 minutes $45


Old fashion straight razor shave with hot towel
30 minutes $30

Hair cut and shave

1 hour $60


I went to James for the first time 5 years ago and no other barber has touched my hair since then. He deserves all the credit for every compliment I’ve gotten for my hair. He gets better every year and you can trust him totally. Careful and consistent – the barber every man deserves.

Mike Fernandez in New York, NYProject: Haircut

Great barber whose attention to detail is exemplified by his work. Does a great job cutting hair as well as making you feel very welcome. I’ve been going to this barber for at least 4 years.

Michael Marczak in New York, NYProject: Haircut

A barber who is both excellent AND reliable is a tough find anywhere (especially in midtown) James is that guy! I’ve been going to him 2x a month over 4yrs so I can confidently say…if you want a great cut by a friendly guy with perfectionist tendencies…make an appointment, right now!

Stephven Brown in New York, NYProject: Haircut

James is the best barber I’ve had in NYC – great cuts, perfect beard trims and an awesome all around guy. He’s a real pro who puts craft and care into his work. I always enjoy the time I spend in his chair.

Matt Tucker in New York, NYProject: Haircut

Have been going to this barber for over 4 years. He is extremely talented and consistent with every haircut. Always a great experience all around. Hands down best barber I have been to in NYC.

Robert Chrisomalis in New York, NYProject: Haircut

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